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Application Development & Maintenance

We implement agile shoring methodology to personalise software application development and maintenance that help our clients achieving business goals. Ours is the best industry practices that help speed up your application development processes.

Application Migration and Re-Engineering

Enterprise-wide capabilities help to maintain consistent and innovative transformation of application development for all platforms. Our strategic consultants who have clear insight of your organization acts as more than technical experts; they analyse your challenges and help you meet the requirement with our cost-effective solution. Our subject matter experts consider these facts before helping you and know how to develop better infrastructure, better applications, optimizing delivery and operations and migration from legacy applications.

Devops solutions and consulting services

From the word “devop” itself, it is understood that it has been developed to create a culture or approach that cultivate an association and integration between development and operation teams. The significant fact behind this innovation is to bridge the gap of communication, foster collaboration and automation that help consistent flow of work between developers and IT operation professionals for faster development and operation..

The Devops tools that we implement are open and free source and we establish a delivery pipeline that suites best to clients requirement.

Some of Commonly Used Tools:

  • SCM – Git, Bitbucket, Mercurial, TFS
  • Build – MSBuild, Maven, Packer
  • Repository Management – Artifactory, Docker Hub, Nexus
  • Testing – Selenium, JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, Cucumber
  • Cloud/Iaas/Paas – Google Cloud Platform, AWS
  • Collaboration – TFS, JIRA, Trelo

Consult our team to learn more about how Devops software development and automation solutions enhance your business to the next level.

Robotic Process Automation

The revolutionized path of automation has enabled the industries getting their productivity increased; now it has been implemented on all low-level manual data handling on which the employees focus; this has helped them to add more values. At Codcor, robotic process uses logic driven software robots executing pre-programmed rules on business information. It enhances automate routine operations across your organization that results in less human error.

Accelerate your performance with cost-effective resources in a less time. It ensures the clients to stay at pace with the rapidly changing business landscape.

Dedicated Offshore development services

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Our offshore website development service provider is a multi-disciplinary team who work harmoniously within different levels of existing and new application, which contributes flexibility, scalability, predictability and agility forming a perfect solution to our client’s business projects and needs. Our team has an expertise across technologies and platforms that drive your businesses. Our Team can handle a range of projects that provide consistent application support, improvement support and incorporation of latest innovative techniques.

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