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Our consultant who has expertise in all the domains helps customers with best possible IT infrastructure design for their needs.


If you are someone who want to scale up your businesses then the transformation of your firm digitally and technologically is indispensable; approach our IT consultant who help you giving a comprehensive IT strategy that help you achieve your goals. The key factors that you benefit from us include: automating and digitalising operations, optimising the software portfolio and implementing the latest technologies.

Our IT consulting services include:

Enterprise Architecture Consultant

IT Strategy Consulting

Software Portfolio Consulting

We, at Codcor offer you services such as development of software architecture, creation of a tech-driven digital strategy, improvisation of operations and optimisation of software portfolio that help you stretch your businesses next level.

Enterprise Architecture Advisory

Our IT consulting services assess and evaluates each IT method of your organizations engaged and help you make the transition from outdated and ineffective IT delivery systems to a cloud-based infrastructure that streamline procedures, structures and technology that meets your needs. This cuts response time by lowering the quantity of IT issues that come up in the first place.

IT Strategy Consulting

Strategic planning and consulting is the strategy roadmap to manage your business very effectively and efficiently. To improve the performance in each business level, business strategic planning & consulting is essential. Our IT consultants help you drawing new technologies and strategic planning that help your organization delivering high-quality IT products and services; ultimately helping you to stay competitive and meet the customers demand.

Software portfolio consulting

It is highly significant that software portfolio is essential in order to ensure your organization keeping the scarce resource is of worth value. Our IT consulting professionals do a deep analysis of how your business and employees use your existing enterprise software and enterprise mobile strategy to the best of practice. Further, they will give suggestions for the required changes; accordingly changes are made that help erasing the existing barrier

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